EC Station

EC Station  "Installed at Stromboli"

EC Station
The complete system described above is the  Electronic Control Station ,as can be seen from the scheme makes it possible to remote control of electronic devices. This function of remote control can be done either remotely via a specially created software to manage the electronic board, either by pressing buttons associated at the electronic board on the outside of box for manual intervention. view more.....


EtnaRobot 2011 Catania

28 Novembre 2011  -  The  HSF staff is invited

at the " ETNAROBOT 2011 in Sicily "  for the  euRobotics Week .  

This event ,  it held in Catania in University of Catania at the Faculty of Engineering in the "Aula Magna Olivieri ", had like  participants ARCES,DAPPSI,DICGIM,DIIEI,DIIM,Etnamatica,EUROBOT UNICT TEAM ,Fondazione Mondo Digitale,ITIS Archimede, INFN LNS,Signo Motus ,STMicroelectronics. In this event there were a lot of argumentations on Robotics....if you are curious you can read every things  HERE

Link  for news in italian


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All System UAV

The ours UAV System is an very reliable system and it is been already used in airplane models .
We are running out to develop one perfect system for the helicopter .


The boards used are :
  • SA-2
  • HPA-10
  • System GDLS
  • Video Server
  • GPS


Updates in progress................

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