Company Mission


HSF s.r.l.mission is the design of electronics systems for extreme environments. The design capabilities of HSF s.r.l team are:

  • FMEA/FMECA Analysis;
  • Control and Navigation systems for UAV, AUV, UGV and ROV;
  • Telemetry systems for UAV, AUV, UGV and ROV;
  • Power Supply Control Units for UAV, AUV, UGV and ROV;


HSF s.r.l customers can rely on the deep experience of Company designers and consultants in the development of control and telemetry systems for extreme applications.

HSF s.r.l. offers its leading edge designs, consultancy and manufacturing services  also to business partners wanting to  develop new products. Our Company can develop customer oriented hardware, software and firmware adopting the ease of management approach, this is obtained adopting standard communication protocols (Ethernet and CANAerospace field bus) together with customized electronics thus delivering to the final User a friendly and easy to configure interface to the system.

Our services are:
  • Analog and Digital system design
  • MicroProcessor Firmware design
  • MicroController Firmware design
  • Embedded Systems
  • PID Control
  • Automatic Speed Control
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Sensor Control
  • Printed Circuit Board design
  • Testing and Prototype/Small series manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
  • User Interface Systems
  • Servo actuator system design
  • Software development for DOS, Windows, Unix/Linux
  • Design of custom oriented systems